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Swift Resolutions In Divorce

When both sides cannot agree on a resolution in divorce, it can turn a weeks-long process into a months-long process. Property division, child support and child custody can become an ugly battle of tug of war when both spouses remain aggressive in their positions. At the Law Office of James T. Fletcher, we can help keep you keep your spouse’s attorney dragging you into the mud in your divorce.

What To Prepare For In A Divorce

Most people are unprepared for the demands of going through a divorce. As your attorney, I will be by your side and help you get through every step of the process, but the job of making final decisions about how to dissolve the marriage and move forward when the divorce is final falls on you. My job is to advise you throughout the process, making sure you understand what you need to do and the implications of the decisions you make. This includes making decisions on:

  • Division of property
  • Child custody
  • Alimony
  • Child support

I have 40 years of experience helping people through the process of divorce and related issues. I am ready to help you.

Get Help You Can Trust

Hiring a qualified divorce attorney will ensure a smooth divorce procedure that will make all parties happy and not impact the children negatively, especially if there are toddlers and underaged children who are too young to understand what is going on.

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