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Comprehensive Family Law Representation 

Family law matters often involve some of the most emotionally and financially stressful problems that people will face in their lives. At the Law Office of James T. Fletcher, in Friendswood, trust us to take care of the legal issues skillfully and competently so that you can focus on your future.

For over 30 years, we have taken a comprehensive approach to family law issues for men and women throughout the Galveston Bay region. Backed by experience and perspective, we are skilled at identifying and handling all legal matters related to your family law issues – even ones you may not have realized.

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Family Law Representation That Focuses On The Big Picture

At our firm, we will help you understand all the legal issues related to your family law matter, including your rights and options. We will work hard to ease your anxiety about the legal process and protect your best interests during a difficult period. It is our job to help you make well-informed decisions with confidence.

Family law issues are often closely related and overlapping, and it is important to have an attorney who understands the complete picture of your family law situation in order to provide the most effective solutions for resolving your problem. Our firm is dedicated to protecting your emotional, financial and legal well-being. We invite you to come in and discuss your situation.

Attorney Fletcher has three decades of experience helping clients successfully navigate family law issues and divorce issues.

Divorce-Related Family Law Issues

Divorce issues continue beyond the end of a marriage. Attorney Fletcher can help you through all divorce matters, including:

  • Divorce: Ending a marriage can be difficult. We will work to alleviate your concerns and protect your rights at every stage of the legal process of dissolving a marriage.
  • Property division: Because Texas is a community property state, debt and assets will be divided equally between both parties in most divorces. We will help you understand how community property law works and give you a realistic picture of what to expect.
  • Alimony: If you have been married for longer than 10 years, you may be entitled to alimony, especially if you have been financially dependent on your spouse during your marriage. We will help you understand the factors the court considers in making its determination.
  • Child custody and visitation: We will help you determine the best method of managing the conservatorship of your child. The court typically presumes that both parents will be joint managing conservators, but this presumption can be modified based on your individual situation.
  • Child support: Texas has guidelines by which the court will determine child support. We will help you know what to expect. Also, if you are facing a support enforcement action by the state attorney general’s office, we provide aggressive defense where there has been a miscalculation of the support amount, based on error or wrong information.
  • Post-decree enforcement or modification of support and custody orders: If you are not receiving the support you are entitled to, we will work to have the court enforce the decree. When a significant life change occurs, we will help you seek, or defend against, a modification to the existing support or child custody order.
  • Annulment: Sometimes, circumstances existing prior to the marriage make the marriage invalid from the start. In such an instance, we can help you seek an annulment, wherein a court will declare that the marriage never existed.

The outcomes of these issues can have an impact that lasts for years after the divorce is final. Our goal is to be sure you secure the best possible results for the future of yourself and your family.

Other Family Law Issues

Family law matters extend beyond divorce. We can help you with other family law needs including:

  • Paternity: If you are seeking to establish or defend against paternity, we will represent you. We will advise you regarding child custody and support issues that could be affected by your paternity case.
  • Adoption: It is important to complete the paperwork correctly to effect a legal adoption. We will represent you in domestic adoption, including interstate adoptions.
  • Termination of parental rights: A party may seek to terminate the parental rights of a biological parent in the case of adoption or where there are allegations of abuse, neglect or unfitness of the parent. We will represent you if you are involved in either of these situations.
  • Domestic violence and protective orders: We will protect your rights if you are seeking, or defending against, protective orders in situations involving domestic violence.
  • Cases involving the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services: Where there has been an allegation of abuse or neglect of an elderly person or a minor, we will defend you in proceedings involving the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. In cases involving minors, if you are found guilty, we can help you regain reunification with the minor.
  • Premarital and postmarital agreements: We will draft agreements to identify assets that will be kept separate if a marriage does not work out. If you are bringing significant assets into a marriage or are remarrying and have children from a prior marriage, a pre- or postnuptial agreement is an option worth exploring.
  • Name changes: We will help you prepare the necessary legal documents to effect a name change.

Family law needs can shape the way your family functions for years to come, and we want to be sure that we help your family toward the brightest future.

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