At Law Office of James T. Fletcher, I proactively resolve your legal issues as if they were my own.

40 Years Of Experience Defending People Facing Criminal Charges

A criminal conviction has serious consequences that can have long-term effects on many aspects of your life. Even seemingly insignificant traffic violations can lead to driver’s license suspension and other penalties if not handled properly.

At the Law Office of James T. Fletcher, we defend clients throughout the Galveston Bay region facing all types of traffic, misdemeanor and felony charges. We put more than three decades of experience to work protecting our clients’ rights and helping minimize or eliminate the consequences they face.

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Aggressively Protecting Your Rights Throughout The Duration Of Your Case

From the moment you step into our office and agree to have us represent you, we will be your relentless advocates. We will evaluate every aspect of the case to look for procedural errors, direct violations of your rights and other grounds for reducing the charge or dismissing the case. Additionally, we will investigate the case on our own to uncover your side of the story. We want to tell the whole truth, not just the truth the prosecution would like to believe. We will do whatever we can to obtain a favorable outcome on your behalf.

That said, we will not fill you with false hopes about an unachievable outcome. We will help you understand your legal situation and options for defense. We want you to be fully and accurately informed about the circumstances of your case.

Traffic Violations ● Misdemeanors ● Felonies

Attorney Fletcher represents clients facing traffic and criminal issues, including:

  • Speeding and careless driving
  • Driving on a suspended or revoked license
  • Drug crimes
  • Assault and domestic violence
  • Theft, robbery, burglary
  • White collar crimes, including fraud
  • Weapons violations
  • Juvenile crimes

Contact An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

The earlier an attorney gets involved in a criminal or traffic matter, the better chance you have of obtaining an outcome in your favor. Call 281-648-7780 or contact our criminal law office online to schedule an appointment with attorney James T. Fletcher.

Conveniently located near the intersection of State FM 518 and FSM 528, our office is easily accessible to clients throughout the Galveston Bay region. We are available in our Friendswood office between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and other times by appointment.

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